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Kenji Ratier |

Instagram Marketing and Live Streaming

Instagram Influencer Marketing Who’s on Instagram? Everyone. Aaah Instagram & Influencer marketing. Name a better duo, I’ll wait. From superstar models & celebrities to your Fortnite Twitch streamer, it’s safe to say, if you’ve got a celebrity crush you stalk on your phone, that person is an Instagram Influencer. Sure, sure, Instagram is the home […]

Chad Ramos |

Setting up for a Couch Multiplayer Gaming Party

Playing cooperative or even competitive with friends is always fun when playing in one place, whether at your home or someone else’s. May it be for hours of competitive mayhem in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or finishing that tough level in Overcooked! 2. The fun aspect of playing in a single room with friends is […]

Luis Vigil |

Fixing Common Audio and Video Issues for New Streamers

So you’ve finally built your dream streaming setup, you’ve got your scenes set and you’re ready to kick off your streaming career. You hit the stream button and jump into your game. All of a sudden your game feels laggy. You look in chat and everyone is saying they can’t hear you and the video […]

Bim Barbieto |

Streamers, Care for Your Mental Health

From an outside perspective, streaming might seem like an easy gig. After all, most viewers see streamers playing video games all day, and they think to themselves, “Oh, he’s living the dream.” Little do they know, streaming as a day job involves a lot of pressure, and it isn’t as easy as it may seem. […]