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Bim Barbieto |

Streamers, Care for Your Mental Health

From an outside perspective, streaming might seem like an easy gig. After all, most viewers see streamers playing video games all day, and they think to themselves, “Oh, he’s living the dream.” Little do they know, streaming as a day job involves a lot of pressure, and it isn’t as easy as it may seem. […]

Kenji Ratier |

Top 5 Industries using Live Streaming: Retail & Sales

Live Streaming is BIG… You heard it here first folks, Live Streaming is the next behemoth of Marketing. What? You’ve heard it before? Well, what if I told you people spend more time watching live videos than… Huh? You’ve heard of Twitch and Facebook Live before? Well, I guess my job here is done… I […]

Miguel Molina |

Exploring NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine with XSplit

The NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine represents a huge leap forward for content creators using GeForce RTX GPUs, providing them with new avenues to enhance their productions. By utilizing the Tensor Cores on these RTX cards, AI-powered operations are able to run in real-time, streamlining the production output of creatives and enabling them to increase the quality […]

John Howe Marshall |

XSplit Powers this Year’s Rev Major

Did you know that XSplit’s development takes place in Manila, Philippines? Since establishing SplitmediaLabs back in 2009 (ten years ago!), we have proudly been a part of the growing gaming and esports scene of the Philippines. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch the scene evolve and grow over the years, with prize pools and […]

Gareth Reynolds |

The Awesome XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 is Here

It’s been a while since our last major update but I’m excited to announce that XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 is now available. It includes a bunch of new features and some quality of life improvements that will hopefully make your life as a content creator easier. The more notable features include source grouping, audio mixer, gamepad […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Team XSplit will be at Logitech’s Booth at TwitchCon 2019

It’s the 5th season of the best Twitch convention ever and just like in previous years, some of the XSplit staff members are going to be in attendance thanks to Logitech/Blue who will be having an exhibitor presence at the event. Our team will be staying on their booth for the entire duration of the […]