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Live video interaction is one of the most genuine and engaging ways you can communicate effectively with customers across the world.

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Why Live Stream? Authenticity and Transparency.

  • It's engaging - Turn passive followers into active participants. Live video is as genuine as it gets and creates a relationship with your audience as they interact in real-time with you.
  • It's cost-effective - Live stream videos are more affordable to produce compared to traditional above the line media.
  • It's the medium of choice - Live streaming viewership has steadily increased over the last few years, appealing to an ever increasing audience base across all social media platforms and devices.

How can my organization use live streaming?

  • Unlimited videos and sources: use our tools such as Media Slideshow to present your ideas.
  • Skype integration: broadcasting and recording video calls for webinars and training programs for offices across the globe.
  • Virtual Camera Support: XSplit can be used as video input for a variety of video conference applications.

Large-scale events and conferences

  • XSplit provides you with unlimited scenes and all the features you need to turn your live stream into a full-fledged production without the budget of a Hollywood movie.
  • Split mode offers the traditional broadcast layout of having a preview and live window.
  • Newtek NDI support and plugins for various cloud delivery services like Akamai, Wowza, Restream.io and QNAP DJ2.

Social Content and Influencer Marketing

  • All the chat integrations and widgets that allow you to simultaneously broadcast to Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and many more interactive platforms.
  • Multistreaming Support to broadcast to different channels at different resolutions, frame rates and bitrates.
  • Express Video Editor: Clip your highlights and share them on socials without interrupting your live feed.

Our Trusted Partners

These are a few of our partners and companies we've helped in leveraging the tools of live streaming to broadcast their content to online platforms as well as expanding their audiences to new areas.

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Our support is what sets us apart from others. Reliability is very important to us. Our team is on hand to make sure your streaming experience is as smooth as possible. We have the experience and knowledge in live video productions, and we'll be able to assist you at any time, wherever you are.

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