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Introducing VideoCom

Henrik Levring
June 15, 20221 min read

We have been delighted with the anticipation around both the newly released XSplit Presenter and the upcoming XSplit Capture. As the apps have grown and developed, based on users’ feedback, it has become clear that they need a dedicated team to focus on them. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to VideoCom.

The VideoCom team will continue their work with Presenter and Capture, focusing on allowing you to easily create and share screen captures or high-quality video presentations. The team at VideoCom has already refined and improved upon everything you love about Presenter and Capture, with both apps continuing development under that brand.

These new VideoCom versions of Presenter and Capture will be available soon, and you can register your interest by signing up here.

I’m very excited to see the team’s vision for the future of video communication develop while XSplit continues to focus on the future of XSplit Broadcaster, VCam, and Connect: Webcam.

What will happen to XSplit Presenter and Capture?

We will continue to develop maintenance updates for some time, but all future development and features will go into the new VideoCom apps.

I purchased a lifetime license for XSplit Presenter. What happens to that?

XSplit Presenter lifetime license holders will receive a free upgrade to a VideoCom lifetime license when it becomes available.

Henrik Levring

Henrik Levring is the Chief Executive Officer of SplitmediaLabs.More from this Author