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Chris Slight |

XSplit Supports St.Jude’s Scare A Thon

We couldn’t be prouder of our Brand Ambassador and former US Community Manager, Brandon Stennis aka iamBrandon and his team who went over the donation goal for the St Jude’s PLAY LIVE Scare A Thon!  The charity event was powered by XSplit who not only was the software of choice for content creators taking part, but also provided stream […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Interview With Sean “Day9” Plott Part 2

Welcome back to our second installment of our three part interview, if you haven’t already make sure to check out part one here. Today Sean provides us with a masterclass on how to build an audience, maintain a fanbase and overcome those initial obstacles every streamer and shoutcaster will face.  What do you guys think […]

Melvin Dichoso |

XSplit is Back for Capcom Pro Tour 2016

We love fighting games and the community as a whole which is why we’ve supported last year’s Capcom Pro Tour. All Capcom Pro Tour events have been powered by XSplit and each Premier event’s live stream was produced with XSplit Broadcaster. CPT 2015 was a huge success and we’re pretty happy with the overall turnout […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Interview With Sean “Day9” Plott Part 1

Sean “Day 9” Plott is arguably one of the most prolific and well known streamers and videogame personalities working in the world today. With a background firmly rooted in Starcraft II and a global fanbase spanning tens of thousands, Sean has built a regular following through his daily broadcasts and presence at a number of […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Interview With Sean “Day9” Plott Part 3

Welcome back to the final installment of our three part interview. To wrap things up we decide to cut loose and ask some of our most burning gamer questions. If you’ve ever wanted to find out some of Day[9]’s favorite streams, or what he’s currently obsessed with now’s your chance! Interview parts one and two […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Eric Baudour & Garrett Hunter Interview Part 1

If you play games and are somewhat savvy to the the gaming industry and fandom that surrounds it, you will no doubt have stumbled across the work of Mega64. Whether it is through their strange camera skits parodying popular games, or meme-starting comedy shorts featuring an array of celebrities like Gabe Newell, Cliff Bleszinski and Ken Kutaragi. […]