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Level up your live stream with XSplit Bootcamp

Melvin DichosoMelvin DichosoFebruary 23, 20171 min read

As makers of the most popular live streaming and recording solution, we’re involved in different types of work outside of improving XSplit such as exhibiting at conventions, providing production assistance to some big brands, getting involved in the community through meetups and parties, etc. One that is not mentioned a lot is doing workshops and presentations for upcoming and intermediate content creators.

Enter XSplit Bootcamp, a program in partnership with YouTube Gaming centered around learning the basics of live streaming straight from our experienced staff members. Whether it’s getting the necessary equipment, setting things up, interacting with your audience, XSplit Bootcamp covers all of that. As a matter of fact we’ve been doing this since last year and we’re only looking forward to do more for this year.

For details of upcoming workshops or if you want to take part of one near your area, go visit bootcamp.xsplit.com.

Melvin Dichoso
Melvin DichosoA basketball junkie, blogger, headphone enthusiast, aspiring chef, and traveler wannabe. Does social media and various other stuff for XSplit.More from this Author