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Meet our Newest Community Manager Anastasiya Bila

Melvin Dichoso
March 31, 20172 mins read

Our community management team just keeps growing bigger and bigger! We are pleased to announce that we’re adding one more to the team. Say hello to Anastasiya Bila, more known as “Obezianka”, as she joins the team and adds a much needed girl firepower to our pool of Community Managers.

Just like how current CMs were introduced before, we did an interview with Ana so the community can get to know her better.

XSplit Community Managers

Tell us what you’ve been doing prior to joining the XSplit team

Before XSplit, I was a full time content creator on Twitch at I also run an online jewelry store.

How do you feel about becoming a part of the XSplit Team?

My whole streaming career has always been centered around helping others grow and facilitate the learning of everything from communication, community building and streaming programs. XSplit and give me the opportunity to continue doing what I love without taking away my individuality. It’s a dream come true.

What do you think is the most interesting part about the video production and streaming community?

How interconnected and alive all of this is. Content creators strive to tell a story and make themselves and others happy. Streamers help uplift one another and grow. Streaming programs help make streaming seamless and intuitive. Everything in the streaming and video production world exist to make growth easier and opportunity accessible to all. We’re truly in a Golden age of streaming.

What additional awesome-ness do you think you can bring to the table for us.

Canada has a population of 35 Million as of my writing this.  If we compare this to Tokyo city (13.5 M), California State (38 M) or the total population of the Philippines (98M) it seems that I don’t have much work to do. Therefore I intend to slack off.

Just Kidding.
To the XSplit community management team I bring my sense of humor (very important), fluency in French as well as Russian languages and a much needed female representation.

I look forward to working with you all. Thank you for welcoming me with such warmth.

Melvin Dichoso

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