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Luis Vigil |

How to be a Successful Twitch Streamer?

Now that you’ve set the perfect Twitch overlays, figured out your Twitch settings and have been streaming for a while, you’re probably wondering how to become a top Twitch streamer. It is no secret that for the highest-paid Twitch streamers, most of their income comes from having a large and dedicated community, which creates additional […]

Luis Vigil |

How to Live Stream on Facebook

Facebook allows you to live stream all kinds of content, from your daily life to creative artwork and even showing off your gaming skills. This article will show you how to go live on Facebook. From your Mobile Device The simplest way to start a Facebook live stream is in the palm of your hand. […]

Luis Vigil |

Finding your Voice as a New Streamer

One of the hardest things to deal with when you start streaming is not having a chat to interact with. When you have zero viewers or even a few that aren’t chatting, it can be hard to keep up the motivation to be entertaining. It can be even harder to figure out how to be […]

Akemi Trinindad |

How to Improve your YouTube Search Ranking

Do you create content on YouTube and you want to improve your searchability ranking? You know, we can’t all keep track of all the algorithm changes when it happens – it’s totally out of our control, what we can do as creators is to make sure that our content can easily be searched and optimized […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Tips for Making More Money as an XSplit Affiliate

We created the XSplit Affiliate program to offer the ability to make money to a wider group of people. The requirements used to be much higher and as a result, only select users can participate in the program. With this program, you can begin making money as an affiliate without needing to have a big […]

Akemi Trinindad |

Why Content Creators are Switching to Streaming

In recent years we’ve seen the popularity of streaming reach a record high, with the expansion of streaming platforms and the evolution of social websites into offering streaming services for their users. Facebook Gaming, for one, has grown in popularity since June of 2018; a seemingly big challenge to streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and […]