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How To Stream To Telegram From Your Desktop

Luis VigilLuis VigilMarch 22, 20222 mins read

Telegram is an encrypted, multi-platform messaging service that boasts enhanced security features. Recently, they have introduced live streaming which can not only be done from their mobile app but also from your desktop using programs like XSplit Broadcaster. Here, we’re going to discuss how to stream to Telegram easily from your desktop!

Telegram Desktop Streaming Setup

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you either have a group chat or channel set up as this will be where you’re streaming to. Also, it’s good to remember that you can only start a live stream using the Telegram app so make sure you have it to hand! Click on your group icon, click live stream then select live stream with. Finally, you just need to copy-paste the RTMP and Stream Key over to your PC.

To stream from your desktop you’re going to need a live streaming program, and you may be surprised to learn we recommend XSplit Broadcaster. Setting up your scenes, your camera and other sources is easier than ever with our streamlined setup process. We discussed that a little more in the video below.

Once you’re set up you’ll need to add a custom RTMP broadcast output. This is easily done by heading to the Broadcast menu, selecting the Custom RTMP output, and hitting the cog next to it. We discuss this in more detail here. This is the place you’ll need to enter the custom RTMP URL and Stream Key that we for from the app earlier.

For streaming settings, we recommend a bitrate of 4000 and 192kbps audio bitrate. You might also want to set your resolution to 1280×720 and 30fps as a good starting point. You can adjust these later if your internet connection and processor can handle it but these settings should get you live at a reasonable quality.

Start Streaming

Once you’ve set everything up head to the Broadcast menu and select your custom RTMP output. This is where things get a little different from a normal desktop stream. You’ll need to hit start streaming in the Telegram app as well for everything to go live. From here, you’re live, pal! Once you have finished your stream make sure you not only stop streaming in XSplit Broadcaster but in the Telegram app as well.

The stream itself is coming from the app and your desktop input is just a part of the stream. This means you can have multiple telegram streams live at once! Something to keep in mind when you’re planning future content!

An iPhone with various messaging apps including Telegram which you could stream to from telegram desktop streaming solutions like XSplit Broadcaster.
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If you are having problems going live or your streams are disconnecting you may need to add an exe parameter in XSplit Broadcaster. To do this, right-click on the shortcut for XSplit Broadcaster and click Properties. In the target section outside the quotation marks paste this:


Then click ok, launch XSplit Broadcaster and start streaming as normal! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Our support team is available 24/7 in live chat for any tech support here on the site!

Luis Vigil
Luis VigilLouis Vigil has been working on live stream productions for a variety of gaming events for over 10 years! When not broadcasting an event somewhere in the world, Louis also produces educational content for people looking to get into broadcasting on his Offcast YouTube channel.More from this Author