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Akemi Trinindad |

XSplit teams up with Devolver Digital at E3 2019

With news of brands skipping on the E3 2019 press conferences and the event is a few days away, we thought to confirm that XSplit will be back and has partnered with Devolver Digital once again to produce their live stage content straight from the Devolver Digital’s lot across the Los Angeles Convention Center from […]

Kenji Ratier |

How to Stream Fortnite Like a Pro

Do you want to have a stream like Myth, Ninja or Pokimane, but just don’t have thousands to sink into a streaming setup? Never fear! Your friends at XSplit are here to show you how to put together an amazing looking stream on a budget! First let’s get some pesky prerequisites out of the way. […]

Melvin Dichoso |

XSplit Powers the RPS Sessions at EGX 2019

We're excited to work with RPS Sessions, powering their production at EGX Rezzed this year! The event is taking place April 4th – 6th 2019 at the Tobacco Dock in London. You can find out more about the event here. The RPS Sessions, curated and hosted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun will be a showcase for […]

Gareth Reynolds |

XSplit Future Transparency

At XSplit we’ve kept our cards close to the chest to avoid disappointing our audience when inevitable setbacks happen. We’d get asked questions on a daily basis things like; When is the next release? What features will it contain? Can you add x feature? Our response would tend to be vague due to not wanting […]

Melvin Dichoso |

XSplit x Versus Evil at PAX East

After SXSW and GDC, we travel next to PAX East where our team will be co-exhibiting with the wonderful people over at Versus Evil. Versus Evil is a renowned indie game publisher responsible for publishing titles such as The Banner Saga, Armikrog, Guild of Dungeoneering and more! We've worked with them for a number of […]

Andreas Hoye |

Why XSplit is sponsoring OBS

Recently, several companies have taken the open source OBS code, rebranded it, and built entire new venture-funded businesses, largely based on the technology created by Jim and the rest of the OBS team over the past 7 years as a true passion project. This makes it more important than ever to remember and appreciate the […]