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Melvin Dichoso |

Catch the SEAM 2015 Livestream Powered by XSplit V2

XSplit is once again supporting Southeast Asia Majors this year, by sending our media production team to produce the live stream for the Capcom Pro Tour portion of the event. Southeast Asia Majors will be held in Bangkok, Thailand and you can take a look at the impressive roster of players attending the event in […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Meet our UK Twitch Stream Team Members

iComo esta! As community managers of XSplit we have created a team of streamers on both Twitch and Hitbox which we call XSplit stream teams. We have built up such a great variety of games being streamed from Pokemon to Grand Theft Auto 5 that proves there will always be something that everyone enjoys. I’m […]

Melvin Dichoso |

XSplit Supports European Speedster Assembly

In case it’s not obvious yet, we love speedrunners! We’re part of the Humble ‘Awesome Games Done Quick 2015’ Bundle early this year where an XSplit license was included in one of the bundles. For this month, we are supporting another speedrunning event named European Speedster Assembly also known as ESA this coming June 28 […]

Melvin Dichoso |

XSplit Password Reset Alert

For the security of all our users we’re issuing a system wide password reset request, due to reports of suspicious activity. We believe that various data on XSplit’s servers may have been compromised; In particular, your XSplit account name and hashed password, as well as account name and stream key for live streaming services that you […]

Melvin Dichoso |

Regarding rumors of potential leak of user data

Update: Oct 14 2013, 10.46 pm UTC+8 We’ve received data from helpful users showing screenshots of a compromised user. While there’s XSplit data in the picture, that data does not come from our cloud systems, but are from a local file found on the users hard drive. We believe the hacker got access through yet undetermined […]