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Using Title Source in XSplit Broadcaster

Melvin DichosoMelvin DichosoMarch 14, 20161 min read

One of the new features included in our latest update ( is the Title, a new source that you can add to your presentation. With the Title you can now easily add and edit text to your presentations.

To add a Title simply click on File >> Add Title. A small window will pop where you can enter the text you want. The titles should work in conjunction with background graphics that can be created by you. For some inspiration, you can take a look here…

It’s also possible to get a Title from a remote web page. Say, in a situation where you have a text, a number or a price that may change from time time depending on different situations.

In this case, the Title source can be set up to grab the text from any online webpage at specific time intervals.

Watch this demonstration to quickly see how it works.

*note: The title source requires Adobe Flash Player to work. Click here for more info.

That’s it see it in action!

Melvin Dichoso
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