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Gareth Reynolds

Gareth Reynolds

Senior Product Manager for XSplit. Self confessed gamer and nerd. You can find me on Twitter - @gazreyn

Gareth Reynolds | November 4, 2019

Speeding up the PTR Train

The XSplit Broadcaster Public Test Release or as it’s better known the PTR, is a place where we’re able to release new features before undergoing rigorous testing. This means...
Gareth Reynolds | May 22, 2019

XSplit Broadcaster 3.8 Features

So far we’ve managed to keep up with our release schedule of a major release every two months with PTR releases in between. We’ve just released 3.8 into the wild where everyone...
Gareth Reynolds | March 28, 2019

XSplit Future Transparency

At XSplit we’ve kept our cards close to the chest to avoid disappointing our audience when inevitable setbacks happen. We’d get asked questions on a daily basis things like;...