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The Awesome XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 is Here

Gareth Reynolds
September 26, 20193 mins read

It’s been a while since our last major update but I’m excited to announce that XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 is now available. It includes a bunch of new features and some quality of life improvements that will hopefully make your life as a content creator easier. The more notable features include source grouping, audio mixer, gamepad visualizer, and the dark horse, scene presets. Excitingly, these aren’t the only tasty updates 3.9 has.

Audio Mixer improvements are something that is long overdue and as I’ve mentioned in the previous blog post, audio is something we want to continually focus on to make sure it has all the features you need. With 3.9 there will be a new audio mixer extension that you can download from the plugin store. This will show your audio levels in a more convenient way using the decibel(dB) scale and will help identify when audio is too loud or quiet. Whilst the audio mixer is still fairly basic in its current form, we already have a handful of improvements in the pipeline that we hope to roll out over the next while.

Source grouping is a quality of life improvement that is long overdue. A simple feature on the surface but this will help you organize and categorize your sources better. You then get the added benefit of being able to move and resize those sources together. A great example would be selecting a webcam frame image and a webcam source and then grouping them. This allows you to move them together in the mixer area but also you can collapse them in the sources area and rename it so it becomes a single item at a glance.

The phrase or term “scene preset” might not mean a lot on its own but it’s a way of configuring the same scene with the same sources in multiple ways. An example might be having the webcam in the top left in one preset and the top right in another. It seems crazy that you would have to duplicate or rebuild the same scene just to have a webcam in a different position when all the other sources are the same. The coolest part is that you can add a transition time to presets that causes the presets to animate between each other. You can almost think of it like keyframes. The position, the rotation, the color correction and more will all animate if you change them from one preset to another. This allows for some pretty powerful combinations and can really up the production quality.

In our previous 3.8 release, we added the brand new in-game HUD that allows you to control your stream from inside your game whilst playing, but also keep on top of your stream chat and stats. In 3.9 we’ve added a brand new in-game HUD widget; Stream Events. This widget will show you events as and when they happen such as a follower on Twitch, a subscriber on YouTube or a share on Facebook. This makes it easier if you’re using a single monitor or even if you just don’t want to turn your neck every two seconds to see if any new action is going on.

And finally, we have the Gamepad Visualizer plugin. A lot of you are already familiar with Input Visualizer but one of the requests that we keep on getting every time the feature is mentioned is the ability to also do the same for gamepads! Now it’s here!

As with big updates, Macros extension has been updated to include new events and actions for scene presets meaning you can add them into your automation. On top of that, we’ve also added better support for media and video playlists as well as playing out via projector. Macros is an extension we continue to update and is something we’ll be looking to overhaul when it comes to UI/UX to make it easier to manage. If you’ve never used Macros and would like to find out more, you can check out our support page on the feature here.

So those are the more big-hitting items that have arrived in 3.9, however, there’s more to come in the near future. We’ll be adding a way to easily import your Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) scenes to make it even quicker to get started and we’ll be releasing the stream dashboard extension in the coming weeks too which will allow you to see stream chat, events, and stats while streaming using XSplit Broadcaster.

As per usual, we truly appreciate your feedback and continued usage. If you have an idea for a feature or feedback on existing features, be sure to head on over to our feature upvote page where your voice can be heard. Additionally, you can join the discussion on our Discord community or if you want to personally get ahold of me, hit me up on social media @Gazreyn.

Happy streaming!

Gareth Reynolds

Senior Product Manager for XSplit. Self confessed gamer and nerd. You can find me on Twitter - @gazreynMore from this Author