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Bim Barbieto

Bim Barbieto

Marketer of digital things. Lover of burgers.

Bim Barbieto | November 11, 2019

Best Time to Stream

Out of all the streamers in the world, not very many are doing it full time. Not everyone can stream their content for 16 hours a day because of just life generally getting in...
Bim Barbieto | July 3, 2019

How to make a lot of money on Twitch

Monetization – one of the primary reasons why people get into streaming in the first place. That’s the dream, after all, isn’t it? Being able to do something you love while...
Bim Barbieto | March 20, 2019

XSplit VCam leaves Early Access

XSplit VCam has been in Early Access since November 16, 2018. While it has been received very well by streamers, the team has been working on it non-stop – iterating and...