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Date Posted: JUNE 14, 2017
  • XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 (Update 2)                                                          Download here

    We have released another update for XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 that contains the following bug fixes:

    • System Time Setting warning may appear on login
    • JIT IO Exception may appear when switching users
    • Exception appears if a top listed scene transitions is hovered once a stinger conversion is finished
    • Reconfigure Stream dialog's OK button remains disabled on click
    • Camera fails to render when Tridef SmartCam is enabled on CPU and GPU mode
    • Notice Dialog does not load when logging in using free license on offline mode
  • XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 (Update 1)                                                          

    Updated:  June 27, 2017

    We have released an update for XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 that contains a couple of bug fixes namely:

    • Some valid URLs tagged as invalid in Add Webpage URL dialog & URL source of the source properties
    • Re-implementation of Swap Functionality on the Preview Editor
  • XSplit Broadcaster 3.0                                                                             

    Updated:  June 14, 2017

    We’ve got some pretty cool new features and improvements to share in XSplit Broadcaster 3.0 (3.0.1705.3114). Aside from a bunch of bug fixes which you can read about in the release notes, check out some of the new feature highlights below.   


    • Preview mode support : Support for preview and live at the same time

    • Dedicated CPU/GPU modes: Setting in Tools ->General-> Advanced that allows users to prefer loading CPU or GPU during mixing and broadcasting. In setups where a GPU intensive game runs on the same PC, CPU mode may result in better game performance (for Win 8.1 and Win 10 only)

    • Updated Sources menu to be more logical (hopefully)

    • Added loop options for each video source and Video Playlist item (Hot request)

    • Media Slideshow: Added option for webm and custom timings (Hot request)

    • Improved Hotkey Manager (Keys without modifiers, mouse XButton1 & XButton2, and MIDI support) (Hot request)

    • Added “New scene”, “Load scene”, “Save scene”, & “Duplicate scene" menu items

    • Added support for Source transitions on scene enter and exit (Finally done, we had this is backlog for far too long-:)

    • Optimized compatibility of Virtual Camera and added list of supported resolutions

    • Faster and less CPU intensive MJPEG decoding

    • Support for Alpha in NDI output

    • Optimized CPU usage for hardware devices

    • Added option to hide viewer count text from title bar via hideviewercount shortcut parameter (Hot Request)

    • Challonge bracket source plugin (Pretty cool, more info here)


    • Twitch Chat (HTML5): Added chat icons, timestamps and default colors options

    • Mixer FTL improvements

      • Updated to FTL SDK 0.9.4

      • Added support for stream recording

      • Improved speed testing on pre-stream

      • Auto ingest selection based on SDK auto ingest

    • Facebook live chat and comment viewer

    • Updated Facebook broadcast plugin

      • Scheduled Live

      • Change Post On options

      • Enclose event name & group name in quotes in the Post As list

    • YouTube Superchat (Donation) Alert

    • broadcasting support

    • Smashcast broadcasting support

    • Smashcast Chat Viewer

    • Support for broadcasting to QNAP DJ2

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Social Media Manager and main blog writer of XSplit. He can be found @melvinblog but his tweets are anything but interesting.

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