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XSplit Broadcaster PTR

Try out new features ahead of release and join our Discord to share feedback

What is PTR?

The XSplit Broadcaster Public Test Release is a great way to try out new and experimental features ahead of going out to the rest of the public. Please note that these features are experimental and are not representative of final release, users are advised to check the FAQ before downloading.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future versions of XSplit, suggest them here!

Visit Support for FAQ


Latest PTR:


It hasn't been long since we released XSplit Broadcaster 3.7 to the public, yet here we are with our brand new 3.8 PTR version with a heap of new features and improvements that are paving the way for the new generation of XSplit we envision. Here are the main breakthroughs:

  • Noise Suppresion: The first of many audio updates, noise suppression will help make for crisp audio by removing unwanted background noise.

  • Scene as Source: Manage your presentations more efficiently by using the same scene on multiple scenes!

  • Replay Source: Never miss the action, trigger a replay to show your viewers epic moments.

  • In-Game HUD: In-Game HUD - It's brand new, shiny and prone to bugs. However, check your hotkeys to start using it today

Remember, PTR builds are installed separately so it won’t affect your main XSplit installation.