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Stop waiting for the perfect moment, and start streaming now

Akemi Trinindad
January 10, 20203 mins read

We’re now in 2020. New year, new me? Or finally, the year where you start streaming? So what’s stopping you from creating the content that you want?

Fear is an obstacle that everyone faces regardless of profession. Whether it be fear of failing or rejection, or not being good enough for our chosen path – even the fear of the unknown can play a role in you pursuing or not the things that you plan or want to do. They say that you can never be fully ready unless your mind is determined to push through it.

We talk a lot about streaming on the blog and how we can help content creators make the most engaging content there is with our software. You may be a skeptic, why streaming? Should you do it too? I mean, why not right? In previous articles, we’ve made lists on what else you can stream, what to say in-camera, things to check before every stream and many more to help you get started.

Now, let’s chat about why you should be streaming and why you should do it now. No more excuses.

It’s all about the timing

When are you ready to start your streaming journey? Is there such a thing as perfect timing? Personally, if you’re lucky, yes there might be perfect timing, but for the not so lucky people on earth, we need to create opportunities and make that perfect timing ourselves!. When there is none, we create one.

Waiting is a waste of time. Again, it depends on luck on whether we receive a sign that will prompt us to start doing what we’re supposed to do. Issac Newton had the opportunity to discover the law of gravity when an apple fell on his head. But Einstein created a new study where he studied gravitational waves that do not exist in Newton’s law of gravity. Same with content creators, some are lucky to receive an opportunity to discover but most of us must create those opportunities ourselves because it cannot be made for us. Pave our own way and start this adventure with one step at a time.

In the wise words of Nike, just do it.


You don’t want to be that person who keeps on referencing the past, right? If only you started this back then, and it might have grown to be something bigger by this time. Most of us have gone through the same experience, the same conversation in our minds with the what-ifs and what could’ve been. The regret is killing us slowly, figuratively. 

We, humans, have a thing for the past. We love to reminiscence and explore the what-ifs – what if I did this or that when I was younger, we can only imagine the possible outcomes. Reality is, not to burst your bubble, it will all remain an idea if you don’t do something about it. You’d love to explore the options but are too scared to actually put things into action. That’s what separates the successful people of this generation – putting things into action and taking the risk of doing what they want to do. If it fails, then it fails – you cannot change that. But the lesson here is that you have no regrets because you were able to do it anyway.

Be brave enough to do the things you’d want to do, if it fails then it’s bound to fail. It’s up to us if we want to stand up and make it better. There will be no more room for regrets since we’ve done it! No more what-ifs or it could’ve been me.

Who is your audience

People are intimidated to start their streaming journey because they feel that they have no audience. Who will watch my stream? Would I look like a loser and stream with no viewers? 

It depends on your purpose – who are you streaming for?

Some are looking into streaming and building a community around it. There are also those who stream because it’s fun and it doesn’t matter whether they have viewers or not. Essentially, it’s up to you. 

Share your knowledge

If you stream, what benefit can you give the audience aside from humor and entertainment? Most gamers tend to stream for fun and showcase their game experience. But underneath the fun is sharing how they play a game.

Gamers show their progression in the game, how to complete quests and tasks, where to farm an item and how to defeat a difficult boss. 

Game streaming is more than playing a game, it is also a way to share knowledge and strategy without you knowing. Ingenious eh? 

Have fun

What matters most is that you’re having fun and you enjoy what you do. At the end of the day, it’s your happiness and fulfillment that truly matters.

We at XSplit encourage content creators to continue making awesome content – not just for games but in entirety. Might it be for personal use or for professional/business, you can try our software and see which one fits your needs. 

Start creating today and don’t let your fears stop you from becoming the person that you aspire to be.

If you have any questions about our software, you can contact us at or join us on our socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

Akemi Trinindad

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