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How To Easily Create And Give An Interesting Presentation

Laurence Bogle
August 3, 20212 mins read

With many of us now clocking up more screen-time than ever before, the stakes have been raised in terms of what we expect from online presentations. Of course, we need to be informed but we also want to be entertained. Creating a Powerpoint presentation is quite straightforward, but the downside is that it can also come across as a bit boring and uninspired, not a very interesting presentation. With the help of XSplit Presenter, you can easily make a presentation that will be more memorable and enjoyable for your audience.

A variety of media

The secret to creating an interesting presentation is to keep things varied. Having some slides with bullet points is a start, but you should also try to include pictures, graphs, and even videos. XSplit Presenter makes it easy to pull together information from lots of different sources, including screen shares, videos, and live clips (for example, from your webcam). This will help maintain your audience’s attention and allow you a lot more control in how you get your point across. A good tip to remember is to always demonstrate something if you can – running through a process on your computer is far more engaging and memorable than merely describing the steps.

Someone giving a presentation in front of a screen after learning how to make a presentation interesting.
Photo by Matthew Osborn on Unsplash

Make sure your media is complementary

It is also important to prevent your presentation from becoming repetitive, you want an interesting presentation after all. For example, don’t just show a slide of bullet points then spend time reading them out one by one. Instead, use them as starting points for your own narration (think of them as subject headings, not as a teleprompter). If you decide to show a video clip, providing your audience with a summary afterward can be beneficial, as can explaining what’s happening in the video as it plays. However, your narration shouldn’t merely point out the obvious but should instead give some insight into the thoughts behind the process (for example, don’t say “Click on settings, then size, then type 25”, instead say something like “We want to set the size to be easily read, but not overwhelming – perhaps to 25 point”)

Make sure the presentation is smooth

Before giving a presentation, it’s worth running through it a couple of times first, recording yourself wna watching it back, something XSplit Presenter can do, can make a big difference. This will help you to highlight any points where you might struggle, whether that is because you aren’t sure of a particular detail or just lacking confidence in your delivery. If you do happen to find sticking points, you can either research them in more detail or continue to practice until you are happier.

One issue you won’t have to worry about is keeping your information and media pieces ready and in the right order because XSplit Presenter will do that for you. Once set up correctly, it will ensure your next slide is ready to go and that you can smoothly switch to a screen share or webcam view (or both at the same time with your webcam overlayed on top!) with the press of a button. This will give your audience a seamless and professional experience and means that you can keep the focus on your delivery, which always makes for a more interesting presentation.

Though being tasked with giving a presentation can initially seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful with XSplit Presenter. Here are some more useful tips for creating more memorable and entertaining remote deliveries.

Laurence Bogle

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