Live Streaming onMixer with XSplit

Live Streaming on
Mixer with XSplit

Easily engage your viewers while live streaming with XSplit Broadcaster to Mixer. Download and enjoy XSplit for FREE.

Live Streaming onMixer with XSplit


• Up to 4k60fps & FTL compatibility: Lightning fast, and crystal clear video quality.

• Overlays and Chat widgets for maximum interactivity with your viewers.

• Unlimited Scenes & Sources, Background Removal, Macros & hotkeys: turn your desktop into a full-featured production studio.

• Optimised for the best capture cards: Elgato, AVerMedia, Hauppauge, Magewell and more!

XSplit Broadcaster

A simple yet powerful live streaming and recording software that powers countless live streams and recordings around the world. XSplit Broadcaster is the perfect solution for producing and delivering rich video content.

XSplit Gamecaster

The world's easiest way to start streaming or recording your PC or Console games.

Gamecaster is the fastest way to hop into streaming with a simple and intuitive interface. No need for fancy setups, Gamecaster does all the work so you can focus on your gameplay.