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XSplit is ALL OUT for Extra Life 2016

Melvin Dichoso
October 17, 20162 mins read

It’s the season of Extra Life and we here at XSplit are once again throwing all out support for this charity gaming marathon by providing everything you need to start raising money for the event. This is the fourth straight year that we’re supporting Extra Life because we have every reason to!

XSplit Supports Extra Life Play Games Heal Kids

Raise only $10 & get XSplit Premium for FREE

We received some really good feedback last year when we lowered the threshold to $10 from $25 two years ago. This year will be the same again. If you raise $10 or more, you will automatically get a 3-month XSplit Premium for FREE.

Our aim is for Extra Life to continue breaking records and we know continuing with a lower threshold is a step in the right direction for us to help achieve their goal.

XSplit team to play & participate

The folks behind the best live streaming software in the world can’t just be the folks behind XSplit. We play games too! In case you missed it, some of our HQ staff participated last year by playing and streaming games ignoring how introverted and camera-shy they are!

It’s gonna be more fantastic this year as our team has grown and have added a little bit of star power which translates to having more staff involved and more time to play games and stream! This is the perfect opportunity for you to see us in action!

Our own gaming marathon will be live streamed on our Twitch channel at on the actual game day, November 5 2016.

Join our Extra-Life Team

We’ve long understood that it’s never about us so we’re looking to get you to take part of the event as a member of our Extra Life team. Not only do you get free promotion from us for your stream but you can also get some cool XSplit swag as well if you’re one of top raiser for the team!

So if you haven’t signed up yet or if you’re already gaming but not part of any team yet, we would be very happy to have you as part of our team! Go to and hit the ‘Join’ button.

Melvin Dichoso

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