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Is Sending A Short Video Better Than An Email?

Kate WaddonKate WaddonNovember 04, 20212 mins read

You have a lot of information to get across to your team. What’re your chosen means of communication? Most of us default to email when we want to reach several people quickly: but is a written email the most effective method?

Software like our XSplit Presenter enables you to pre-record a seamless presentation. Instead of sending out lots of text and attachments, why not try sending a link to a short presentation instead? Here are a few reasons why you and your colleagues may prefer watching to reading.


Or, “too long; didn’t read”. We’ve all opened emails and, faced with what looks like a whole dissertation to wade through, quickly closed it “for later” and then forgotten about it. If you have a lot of information to get across, maybe a presentation is better suited to your needs. As advertisers know, 80% of people will watch a video, but only 20% will read all the text, so why not borrow a tip from marketing practice, and use visual rather than written media?

This still requires work from you as you’ll need to write the script and record the delivery. But, thanks to XSplit Presenter, this is super-straightforward, and when you get used to it, it’ll seem even easier than just writing the text. Import your Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation, include clips from YouTube, or connect to Zoom, Skype, and other platforms to add flair to your presentation.

Two people, both laughing, one looking at a laptop at better email, a video sent rather than a wall of text!
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Then there are attachments. Not only do emails have paragraphs of text to get through but there are multiple attachments and links to open. If you are sending a pre-recorded link, you can incorporate the information from these attachments into the presentation itself.

XSplit Presenter lets you import PowerPoint or Google Slides into your presentation, cutting down on the need to attach graphs or images, which can be simply included in your PowerPoint or Google Slides instead. You can also play videos directly in your presentation. Rather than provide your recipients with multiple links, this allows you to show snippets in a more convenient and user-friendly way. The result of all this? A straightforward email with a link to the presentation.

This video was created with XSplit Presenter!

Better Email Has Access for all

There are plenty of ways to make the text of an email more accessible; however, a subtitled presentation will reach most people without the need for any adjustments. As well as providing email alternatives for colleagues with visual or hearing impairments, you’re also helping your neurodiverse teammates.

XSplit Presenter is simple to use and has the tools to facilitate bringing teams closer together in a way that accommodates accessibility needs. For one, it allows you to add text to provide a subtitled presentation for your colleagues. It can also make things easier for you if you prefer to speak than to write, or if the thought of speaking in front of a live audience gives you the jitters.

We’ve covered several compelling reasons why a video can make a better email than text. Download XSplit Presenter to make your business communications easier and more accessible. Find out more about XSplit Presenter in our blog (and yes, it does include a short film).

Kate Waddon
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