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Get to Know Our Discord Moderator, Nyx!

Peter Slater
July 18, 20193 mins read

Since opening our official XSplit Discord server, Nyx has been a standout member with knowledge of not only XSplit products but also tech in general surrounding streaming and technical PC know-how. It really didn’t take long before she was promoted as a moderator with the responsibilities of helping us out in responding to members and keeping the various channels in order.

Get to know more about her with this interview.

Tell us a little about yourself, your favorite games, your background and what you’re up to?

Nyx: Hi, My name is Thea Nyx Petersen but I’m more known as Nyx. My background is in IT, and I have a big passion for the tech industry as a whole, I’ve been gaming for as long I can remember with my first game being Giana Sisters on the Commodore 64. I mostly prefer RPG’s and platformers ranging from Crash and Spyro to World of Warcraft, Guildwars2, or classic offline RPG’s. Right now I’m still setting stuff up to get back into a consistent streaming schedule.

When and how did you first stumble upon XSplit and how long have you been using it?

Nyx: I actually stumbled upon XSplit quite a few years ago right after I had started trying out streaming. Back when I first used it, I was very inexperienced when it came to the streaming scene, but the thing that immediately hit me with XSplit was how the stream looked a lot more out of the box, that I liked!

What makes you use XSplit over other streaming applications? What are your favorite features?

Nyx: I’ve tried almost every streaming application on the market ( some that don’t exist anymore ) and I always fell back on XSplit for 2 reasons.

The first is the chroma key tool makes my life so much easier! Secondly I like the aspect that I’m not bound to my stream settings, I can easily stream at 720p and do a 1440p recording at 2 different frame rates at the same time, might not be what most need but it makes me happy to know I can produce a local recording that’s completely unbound by my stream settings.

What do you think is the most interesting part about the video creation and streaming community?

Nyx: See this is where my approach is probably a bit unique, I’m not very good at editing or stuff like that, however, my time in the streaming scene I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist, which has caused me to get very familiar with x264 as a whole, which has also allowed me to tweak my encodes to a point where I personally am much happier with the raw quality of my streams. It’s been 4 years and I still regularly come up with new ways to improve, I guess part of it is the excitement of a challenge and being able to see the work pay off immediately.

What do you find most rewarding and most difficult about being a moderator on the XSplit Discord server?

Nyx: I think that a lot of people have come to rely on me for technical advice when it comes to the streaming scene, I’m always happy to share my knowledge, I could probably preach to the end of the world about the more technical aspects of encoding. I also find it super rewarding when I manage to teach people new stuff, especially when they come back to let me know the information I gave helped their streams.

But also I’d like people to be aware that I’m not flawless, I’ve been tinkering with this stuff for years, so it doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. I sometimes worry that when I say stuff that doesn’t apply to everyone that people reading through will be taking that for themselves giving them a worse end result instead of them reaching out asking if X applies to their setup as well.

For anyone reading this, let them know where they can find you; social pages, YouTube and streaming channels?

Nyx: Heh, I’m usually horrible at managing social media but the two main destinations to find me would be my personal discord or my Twitch channel. I sometimes manage to update my twitter but it’s not as often as I should, the channels are linked below:

And that’s it! If you haven’t still, join our Discord server and interact with fellow content creators and gamers! We also have some exclusive insider stuff that you surely don’t want to miss out.

Looking forward to seeing you inside! 🙂

Peter Slater

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