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XSplit is Now on Discord

Melvin Dichoso
January 28, 20191 min read

We’re always looking for ways to better connect with our users whether through exceptional and timely support or just engaging and having fun discussing everything gaming. In the last couple of years, we’ve upped our efforts with both providing 24/7 one-on-one support while also being more proactive on our social media channels so we can foster a closer relationship with you, our users.

Today we’re taking it up a notch by announcing our Discord channel!

Discord needs no introduction as I’m sure you’ll agree. And even though we’re a little late to the party, a lot of us are very familiar with the platform having been part of other channels ourselves which convinced us creating one for XSplit is the way to go.

Inside are some channel-exclusive perks and incentives. One of them is the PTR program which we have completely moved inside. Get to test new features and improvements that are not widely available yet and also help us shape our product updates by working closely with our team through giving feedback and bug reports.

And yes, there are going to be some exciting promos and giveaways only exclusive to members so you’re really gonna be getting a lot by being inside the channel.

Join our Discord at and start interacting with us and fellow content creators today. Let the fun begin!

Melvin Dichoso

A basketball junkie, blogger, headphone enthusiast, aspiring chef, and traveler wannabe. Does social media and various other stuff for XSplit.More from this Author