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Introduction to the VR live broadcast space

Company Introduction

RealC China VR application solution service provider

Located in Shanghai Minhang ZhongGeng Global Creative Center, it is a VR application solution service provider integrating spatial imagination, 3D modeling, digital content production, real-world shooting, film production and channel construction. Starting from the concept of “empowering enterprises”, the company took VR space content creation as a development core value, and aims to form first-class brand influence and industry competitiveness.

Product Introduction

RealC VR live broadcast integrates AI , cloud computing, 5D imaging, VR space creation and other techniques to provide a variety of gorgeous live broadcast scene and total solution for various industries, seamlessly connecting all live broadcast platforms, and solving pain points of traditional live broadcast.

Product advantages of RealC VR live classroom

Live classroom can provide a total solution of live teaching for teachers across the country. With the beautiful scene, the complete function, and the freedom to broadcasting anywhere, teachers can teach with their favorite style on any platform they are familiar with. Also, they can use their original teaching materials directly without limitations. In live broadcast, you can write by hand, you can sit, stand, or quickly switch scenes. Letting teachers to teach in their familiar way, in RealC live classroom with a sense of ritual. The course can be recorded while broadcasting, which is convenient for students to review the content after class.

There is no need to change the original live broadcast platform, only basic equipment such as a computer and a camera are needed (low hardware cost). In only 2 hours, you could start the perfect live teaching.

Contact Information

Email: rvr@realcyun.com
Address: T2-Room 1709, Zhonggeng Global Creative Center,
Lane 166, Minhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China.