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Live Streaming on YouTube with XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster is a powerful live streaming and recording software powering the best gaming live streams. With simple onboarding, get the highest quality YouTube stream in just a few minutes.

XSplit Broadcaster is the best software to start streaming to Youtube

How to start streaming your games

XSplit Broadcaster has a simple function to add the video and audio sources you need

Step 1

Add your game source, audio devices and webcam in just a few seconds

Broadcaster gives you full control over your stream resolution and target frame rate

Step 2

In the top-right corner, select your resolution and frame rate

It’s easy to get your first Youtube stream live with Broadcaster, all it takes is one button click

Step 3

Click the Stream button and your first quality stream is now live!

XSplit Broadcaster has the best features for Youtube streamers

Best live streaming features for YouTube

    • The highest quality of streaming available with the latest optimizations for NVIDIA and AMD cards. Minimal performance impact for gamers that care about their frames
    • An easy-to-use Audio Mixer to ensure your viewers have a perfectly balanced audio and no unpleasant noises when viewing your stream
    • Add all the web sources you need such as alerts and chat to build an engaging show like the biggest streamers on YouTube
When your Youtube stream is over, turn that content into high-quality recordings to grow on other channels

High quality recordings to grow as a YouTube creator

    • Repurpose your YouTube streams into engaging VOD content. With Broadcaster, you can choose separate encoding and quality options for optimized files made specifically for YouTube videos
    • Enable our multi-track option when recording to split your microphone and other audio devices. This makes for a much easier editing process to create the very best YouTube videos to grow your channel
    • Build unlimited scenes to switch seamlessly between your various layouts and produce the best content possible for more entertaining streams and videos

Going live is just the start

  • Easily create portrait content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram

  • Record Raw Gameplay separately while streaming with your camera and overlays enabled

  • Add Multi-track Audio while recording for easy editing during post production

  • Easily import recordings into Adobe Premiere & Davinci Resolve

Broadcaster can transform your streams into viral tiktoks and shortsXSplit Broadcaster allows for separate file recording to keep only the necessary for video editingXSplit Broadcaster splits audio into multiple tracks for easy post-production editingImport your XSplit recordings into your favorite editing software like Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve
No need for green screens, use XSplit VCam on Youtube to remove your webcam background

Webcam Background Removal for YouTube

  • XSplit VCam makes cutting edge background removal and blurring possible with any webcam. Ever wondered how those YouTube streamers have no background behind them? Try XSplit VCam and don’t bother buying a bulky green screen!