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YouTube Live Support in XSplit Broadcaster

Melvin Dichoso
February 24, 20161 min read

We’ve received several emails from content creators in all categories during these past few months asking for YouTube Live support in XSplit Broadcaster. 

We are happy to let you let you know that XSplit Broadcaster 1.3 for personal and premium licensed users now includes a plugin that make it easy for anyone to broadcast and stream content to YouTube live.  

YouTube has gradually eased the requirements from “select partners” to “anyone with 1000+ subscribers” and as of writing this, the current requirement is “anyone with 100+ subscribers”. This is great news for entertainers, hobbyists and up-and-coming professional broadcasters looking to broadcast live content to their YouTube channel. 

To get started launch XSplit Broadcaster 1.3,  go to Broadcast menu -> Add channel -> More…  locate YouTube Live and install the plugin. Next you need to authorize your account using your YouTube credentials and now you are ready to make your first live show!

YouTube’s Live service was created for professional online TV, so while XSplit Broadcaster 1.3 makes it easy for anyone to use, there are still a couple of settings that some users may find a bit strange. One of the noticeable differences with YouTube Live is that it takes ~45 seconds to start a stream, and there will always be a delay of ~45 seconds between the broadcaster and the viewers (it will take ~45 seconds for the viewers to receive (see and hear) the broadcaster and his/her actions). On the positive side, YouTube Live supports DVR functionality which allows your viewers to join your broadcasts late and still see it from the start — that’s pretty cool to say the least.

Melvin Dichoso

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