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Starting April 14th we began our XSplit Setup Competition in which we had you guys send in photos of your gaming setups. The winner was then chosen by a poll vote near to the end of the competition.

We had great fun with it and we know you guys did too. We will list the awesome winning entries below. Let us know what you think and if this is something you would like to see more of. Keep yourself up to date regarding competitions like these by following us on our Twitter & Facebook.

Grand prize winner – IXIXGhostXIXI

We really liked this setup, and so did you guys as he received the highest number of votes among all entrants.

2nd place winner – hyperkind

Coming up in 2nd place is this awesome streaming setup with added XSplit Broadcaster. What do you guys think?

3rd place winner – CraftChest

In third place is this totally blue setup with XSplit everywhere, Do you guys like?

Other winners: XxSethVarnerxX1, Cajungeek, Shoetrax

It’s hard to only pick 6 because there were some good entries however in the end, the winners have to be decided by the number of votes. And these are the last three winning entries:

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