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XSplit Year in Review 2015

Melvin DichosoMelvin DichosoFebruary 29, 20161 min read

The past year has been brilliant for us here at XSplit and we’re starting to really enjoy what we’re doing whether it’s releasing product updates, providing technical support, attending tradeshows and expos, running giveaways, supporting charity, you name them!

Looking back on 2015 has just made us more excited for this year knowing that we can do a lot more for 2016. But before that, let’s all have a glimpse of what year 2015 was like here at XSplit.

XSplit Year in Review 2015 Infographic

Thank you for being part of an awesome 2015! Cheers for an even more awesome 2016 and we wish you the best!

Melvin Dichoso
Melvin DichosoA basketball junkie, blogger, headphone enthusiast, aspiring chef, and traveler wannabe. Does social media and various other stuff for XSplit.More from this Author