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XSplit Supports St.Jude’s Scare A Thon

Chris Slight
June 7, 20181 min read

We couldn’t be prouder of our Brand Ambassador and former US Community Manager, Brandon Stennis aka iamBrandon and his team who went over the donation goal for the St Jude’s PLAY LIVE Scare A Thon!

St Jude Play Live Scare A Thon

The charity event was powered by XSplit who not only was the software of choice for content creators taking part, but also provided stream overlay and other graphic assets needed for the event.

Over the course of three days, Brandon and a bunch of other equally talented streamers managed to raise $20,102.50 for St Jude, a brilliant cause who you can find out more about here

We’re happy about this awesome milestone and we can’t wait to take part of the next one.

Chris Slight

Chris is the Communications & Content Editor here at XSplit. You may find him voicing tutorials, on stage at events around the world, or right here on Find him at chrisslight.netMore from this Author