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XSplit is Part of Legendary Humble Bundle

Melvin DichosoMelvin DichosoFebruary 29, 20162 mins read

It’s the start of the year and we here at XSplit want to celebrate the beginning of 2015 with a big bang. Becoming a part of the legendary Humble Bundle for this year is definitely one of the best ways to do it.

Humble Bundle 3 Month XSplit Premium License

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, it is simply a collection of digital goods such as games sold and distributed online at a price that is lower than what the goods are normally sold for. The goods are bundled together and offered to the public for a scheduled limited period of time. You can check out their website at humblebundle.com to learn more.

For this year, the bundle is done in collaboration with the Awesome Games Done Quick event which is a very popular bi-annual speedrunning marathon taking place this coming January 4 – 10 2015. Our very own Community Manager Louis Vigil will be in attendance of the marathon as a spectator.

The date for both the event and the bundling is the same which officially gives it the name “Humble Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Bundle”. Pretty long name but there’s a lot of goodies here to take advantage of.

How is XSplit Part of Humble Bundle

As part of Humble Bundle, a 3-month XSplit Premium license is heavily discounted when you avail the bundle where the XSplit license is part of. We will not say how much discount you’ll get so you have to find that out for yourself by going to Humble Bundle’s page here.

The awesome part about availing a bundle is that you don’t only get to enjoy the massive discount and lots of great games, but you also get to help a charity in the process as part of your payment goes to them. It will be you who will determine the percentage that goes to the charity so you  have control over how you want to allocate the money that you paid for.

Again, everything starts on January 4 and ends on January 10 2015. Make sure to take advantage of the bundles! Don’t forget to also check out the Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon over at twitch.tv/gamesdonequick.

That’s 1 week of speedrunning and bundling goodness and we are very proud to become a part of it!

Melvin Dichoso
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