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XSplit Features You Need to Try

Akemi Trinindad
July 4, 20193 mins read

XSplit suite of software has a lot of features that, we believe, those content creators should try. XSplit is known to provide a diverse range of software suited for individuals who produce live-stream broadcasts and recorded content. Aside from providing the best recording and broadcasting software, it also provides a 24/7 multi-lingual customer interaction center to assist customers and inquiries at any time of the day.

Aside from the usual recording and streaming functionalities, we bet you haven’t really delved into the features embedded in XSplit’s Broadcaster. Here are some of the features that you might not have known, or might have known but haven’t had the time to try.

Do more with sources

Add more than just gameplay, webcam video, graphics overlay, and widgets to your presentation with sources – managing your scene is easy with the copy-paste feature for sources, no need to add the same item repeatedly on different scenes as you can easily copy and paste these directly. Add more sources through the Plugin Store, more tips and tricks are listed here.

  • Whiteboard source
    To use: Add sources > General widgets > Whiteboard > Right-click on the presentation to view the settings. Here’s a dedicated tutorial for more details.
  • Text scripts
    To use: Add source > Text > Check custom script > Click edit script to create your own script using the blank template or use the premade ones. You may also opt to use a script from a local text file or remote URL. Learn more about texts here. Did you know that you can also add a running duration timer for your streams? From the custom script – edit script setting, choose the General Purpose Clock template, and set the mode to duration – you’re all set!
  • 360 Projection
    To use: Right-click your added image or video source on the scene, select the layout tab, and tick the 360 projection to play around with making the image or video into a 3D visual. You can visualize better here at 1:15.
  • Copy and paste source
    Another option if you’re in a hurry to add an element to the scene but can’t remember which folder it’s in? Then this gem is for you. Click to select the source that you want to copy > click copy > go to the new scene > and click paste. It usually gives you two choices of whether you want to paste the source as is or as a linked source; that’s entirely up to you.


Per scene audio extension
The per scene audio extension allows you to set the audio levels for system sound and microphone on each scene. If you’re having issues managing audios between scenes, then the per scene audio extension is what you need.

After playing around with these features, you might have an idea for your ideal scene presentations. You would want to save and share this in a file for easy loading and cloud share. Or if you’re a streamer with multiple streaming stations then this next feature can be proven useful.

The Presentation packager can be a real life-saver for days where you don’t know if you need a backup of your stream.

Viewer count feature

To use: Go to Tools > Settings > General > Check or uncheck the box where it says “Hide viewer count in-stream status.

Direct upload feature

After recording your stream, you might want to upload it directly to your social accounts. XSplit has made uploading your recordings to socials with a click of the button.

From the File menu, go to your recordings and select the recording that you want to upload. Thereafter, click on the social platform you’ll upload the video on. At the moment, this feature is available for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Let us know which ones you’ve tried before and how these features made your stream better. Don’t forget to send us your feedback through our socials and official Discord server.

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