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XSplit Capture is now available in open beta!

Chris Slight
December 6, 20211 min read

XSplit Capture, our latest addition to the XSplit Suite of apps is available now in open beta! Designed to be the ultimate application for sharing screenshots and videos quickly, XSplit Capture saves you time by making use of powerful and intuitive features!

Share Your Ideas Quickly

XSplit Capture is the ultimate screen capture program letting you grab the exact part of the screen you need to share and add annotations, arrows, and highlights! Video is just as simple, with the ability to add voice-over to whatever you’re recording.

Everything, In The Cloud

All of this is uploaded directly to the cloud, and a link is added to your clipboard for instant sharing in an email, social media, or anywhere! If you, or the person you send it to, need to download the file, that’s just one click away! Your team members can easily add comments to this page on XSplit Cloud, where all your captures will be stored for easy access privately by you.

To try XSplit Capture, currently only available on Windows but coming soon to macOS, simply sign up and download the program from your dashboard! If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback, let us know here in the comments or reach out to us on socials!

Chris Slight

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