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XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 Beta - Community Feedback

**Update April 12: **A new version of XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 Beta is available here.

As revealed yesterday on, the first item in the line-up of our NextGen products, is XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 Beta.

Please use this blog post to share your feedback on XSplit Broadcaster 2.0 Beta. As mentioned in the above information, the beta build is still considered 'early stage' and it is not a replacement for your current XSplit Broadcaster 1.3. We do ask that you keep this in mind when trying out the beta build.

We specifically would like to hear back from you what you think of the new UI, and the changes that has happened so far. Note, we're still developing on certain areas and would like to hear your input on how the changes affect your use of Broadcaster and especially if there's any requests for features that we haven't addressed yet.

Incomplete list of changes (more will come, some will change):

  • New UI skin with flat-style controls, darker colors, clean modern¬†look
  • New UI and improved new¬†options¬†on 'property windows' (right-click a source)
  • Vastly improved smoother¬†scene transitions (i.e. fade effect)
  • By request from ManVsGame (and others) the option to use the old¬†chroma key settings is back
  • New settings window (Social media accounts | Audio¬†| General)
  • More flexible control of the scene thumbnail¬†preview¬†feature
  • New VOD manager¬†(alternate view mode). Note: This is still¬†work in progress! Currently it supports uploading your videos to YouTube and sharing the links on your linked¬†social media accounts. You can also play the videos by double clicking them.
  • New 'Announce' dialog in Tools >¬†'Share your stream'
  • New Title source supports scripts (i.e. timer, countdown, rss feeds). Fully customizable and programmable via Javascript. Note, to use, go to File > Add More > Title XT (and install it).
  • Reconfigure your bitrate¬†setting while live streaming. No one really¬†wants to stop their stream unplanned (viewers will leave etc). Starting with¬†2.0, should you¬†ever¬†experience network deterioration during a live stream, you do not have to stop to adjust the bitrate. Just click the stream settings gear¬†symbol, set the new bitrate¬†and change it¬†on the fly.

Download the beta build now, then please come back and share your feedback right here using the comment option. We're looking forward to your ideas and comments!

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(unzip the '2.0 beta' zip file to any folder on your hard drive and run the xsplit.core.exe file. Note, there's no support on this version, and we do not recommend to use it for live productions without prior testing - always have a backup plan ready if you're dependent on your live stream activities)

We also revealed the second program that we will be launching this year. It's the XSplit Gamecaster, a product made for gamers to make live streaming and recording easier than ever before! Please check the teaser page here