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XSplit Announce Partnership with NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine

The XSplit Team
September 29, 20191 min read

The NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine represents a huge leap forward for content creators using GeForce RTX GPUs, providing them with new avenues to enhance their productions. By utilizing the Tensor Cores on these RTX cards, AI-powered operations are able to run in real-time, streamlining the production output of creatives and enabling them to increase the quality of their content to a level that’s unheard of on consumer-grade hardware.

On our end, we are looking to augment XSplit VCam’s background removal for users with RTX GPUs. We believe that we can improve our app’s performance and efficiency, either by using NVIDIA’s RTX Greenscreen AI model or optimizing our existing model to fully take advantage of Tensor Cores. We are also considering RTX AR and RTX Style Transfer as potential feature updates for XSplit VCam.

In addition, while the RTX Broadcast Engine highlights its strengths through its real-time capabilities, we think that there’s also a big opportunity to use these same features on the XSplit Express Video Editor. Being able to use these on existing videos can serve multiple purposes, from breathing new life into old content to diversifying the creative flow of users by letting them try out different effects during post-production without needing to commit to applying them during the initial recording.

We are excited to start tinkering around with the RTX Broadcast Engine and look forward to more innovation from the NVIDIA team. You can check out NVIDIA’s full press release here.

The XSplit Team

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