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Why Content Creators are Switching to Streaming

Akemi Trinindad
September 6, 20192 mins read

In recent years we’ve seen the popularity of streaming reach a record high, with the expansion of streaming platforms and the evolution of social websites into offering streaming services for their users.

Facebook Gaming, for one, has grown in popularity since June of 2018; a seemingly big challenge to streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube – to offer the same platform with the ability to stream easily without leaving the comfort of the website. Recently, Twitch and Discord have announced the impending launch of their own streaming abilities to their followers.

From the front runners of streaming software, XSplit alongside OBS and many more – has sparked a debate of whether content gets uploaded online or you do a live broadcast. With the growing popularity and demand for visually appealing and accessible content – video more than anything has possessed the top ranking for the most likely candidate to entice viewers to linger more, consuming content more than the average image or status posts. Doing live broadcasts or streaming, in general, have its pros and cons. Here are some of the pros that might get you into streaming your content this 2019.

As a (low-key) content creator like myself, there is an existing struggle to create online content consistently as we fight against the algorithm – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and etc. have ‘em and we have to be consistent in uploading content to make sure that our audiences see it. So, why choose streaming over the usual “plan, edit and upload” cycle.

It’s innovating and creative

Just like normal online video content, it takes a lot of innovating and creativity to make sure that your content is different from the rest. It’s a challenging endeavor but also a rewarding one when you formulate your own style and presentation. More than the visuals, it also takes a lot of personality and charisma to attract and maintain a following. That makes streaming so enticing, it’s so fascinating to see more than just characters on screen but seeing personalities IRL.

Engaging and interactive

I’m not saying that the usual upload content is not engaging nor interactive – depending on what kind of content you might have, live broadcasts are more interesting and entertaining than the usual video content. As you stream, a variety of emotions and reactions cannot be faked or recreated. At the same time, the kind of engagement and interaction varies because audiences can be different for every stream.


The hype dies down if you’re not in the moment yourself, the interaction is simply too interesting to pass out for a replay run of the stream. Someone might feel an instant FOMO (fear of missing out) when you miss the streaming session itself. It’s never the same emotions when you’re on a live broadcast and interacting with the audience and merely seeing their comments/ reactions and engaging after. Be there when it happens as it happens, exclusive content and experience on every stream.

It’s fun

No two streams are the same – which makes it more exciting and fun. You have a different mix of audiences every time you do your live broadcast which makes every session interesting. Some might be outspoken, some might be more technical on the way you stream, it can be any mix of personalities.

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Akemi Trinindad

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