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Tips for Making More Money as an XSplit Affiliate

Melvin Dichoso
September 16, 20194 mins read

We created the XSplit Affiliate program to offer the ability to make money to a wider group of people. The requirements used to be much higher and as a result, only select users could participate in the program. With the new program, you can begin making money as an affiliate without needing to have a big viewership (having one does help though). You may only have 150 channel followers but if a good portion of them are interested in streaming, this affiliate program is for you!

We put together this blog post to help you maximize your revenue potential with our program by providing some easy to execute tips that you can implement right away. As you earn a commission on each sale and renewal, we all do well together!

Actually, all the tips mentioned in this blog post works with whatever affiliate product or program you’re in so you’re welcome!

Use the correct link

You’re not gonna believe this but we see a lot of people who represent a brand or product (XSplit included) as an affiliate but don’t use the correct link. Imagine people buying through your channel only to find out that the link you’re using is not the correct one!

So make sure to go to your affiliate program page, in this case, XSplit Affiliate on your Dashboard, get the correct link from there right on the front page, and use that and ONLY that link. Upon sign up to the program, you will have been given this link.

An image of the XSplit Affiliate link from your dashboard.
This is what your link Affiliate Dashboard (your one will be longer with your personal code in it)

A quick real tip about affiliate links is they’re neither short nor do they link directly to a page without long-ass parameters. So if you’re just linking to, then you know you’re doing it wrong.

Make it visible without being spammy

A common problem for any affiliates is not making commissions and when you ask them where they’re putting the link, they’re gonna say a page or two, like socials or the bio on a streaming site like Twitch, both of which aren’t updated often.

The key is making it visible in as many places as possible. If you just have it on your channel profile page, then why not use a chatbot that auto-posts it in your chat or floats it in your actual stream content? The options here are limitless. Now it goes without saying, but you don’t want to be spammy. As long as the link is promoted naturally and as a part of your ongoing conversation with your viewers, you’re doing it right.

An image of a chat window with a bot posting the XSplit Affiliate link.

Oh and don’t forget other channels and social networks too, something we will go on to discuss here!

Provide value (aka great content)

Providing value, some great buzzwords if ever we heard them! While that may be true, it does hold some real meaning and tends to separate those who make thousands of dollars in commissions from those who make less than a hundred.

The word Value on a scrabble board, something you want to provide on the XSplit Affiliate program!

The key here is creating something beneficial to your viewers and then indirectly selling them whatever product it is you are an affiliate of. A common example is making a video on YouTube whether it’s about walking them through your streaming setup, or a guide about how you do your nifty-looking transitions. You help them learn about something new or solve their problems, and the selling part becomes easy. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. Would you rather buy a product from someone who is flat out just telling you to buy something or a person whose content is actually enjoyable and explains why they like to use the product? You be the judge.

An example of a great YouTube video that helps people interested in the product and provides the discount code.

Now before you tell us “I don’t have a YouTube channel, you don’t know me!”, let me tell you first that this exact same thing works for other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Discord (which isn’t a social network by the way), hell even forums! I can’t tell you how many XSplit licenses were sold from those channels with us just providing valuable content to our followers.

Offer discounts

Seasonal discounts are the best and most affiliate products and networks, the XSplit Affiliate Program included, provide that! It’s a no-brainer after all! Someone is in the market to buy a product and you essentially turn that from a prospective one to a sure thing by offering them a discount by using your affiliate link.

An example of a sale for Valentines Day, something you could offer with the XSplit Affiliate Program
This was a discount promo we ran in Valentine’s early this year

We will definitely be letting you know once we have some live discount offers for XSplit Affiliates, but it’s also good for you to just be aware of various shopping periods where people are more likely to spend money.

Bonus tip: Incentivize!

Incentivization is a trick experienced marketers have been using for a long time. It is essentially just offering an additional thing or two whether it’s in the form of a product, service, or entertainment in exchange for buying a product under their affiliate link.

If you are making stream overlays or graphics, you can bundle it when they buy a license using your affiliate link. Or if you have an enormous number of followers on your channels, you can offer to ‘host’ or promote the person on your channels by doing the same. Whatever incentives you think of to use your code (beyond the discount they get already) be sure to check with whatever content provider you’re using what sort of incentives you can and can’t offer!

Join the XSplit Affiliate Program

It’s been out for quite some time now but I just wanted to reiterate again in case you missed the initial announcement. The program is steadily growing with more than 500 happy affiliates inside. Here’s what the program is about in three totally non-pitchy bullet points:

  • You will get a personalized code of your choosing giving your audience 10% off any XSplit Premium subscription
  • For every purchase made using your code you will receive a 10% commission
  • You will get that 10% for each recurring purchase someone makes

Sign up today at and begin implementing the tips mentioned in this blog post.

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