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Support Forum to be Replaced by Desk

Melvin Dichoso
February 29, 20162 mins read

Beginning January 20 2016, we will be implementing a new support system from Desk. From this date, support will be handled through the new system which means you will no longer be able to create, reply or view forum threads in the old forum. Here’s a sneak-peek of how the new support page will look like:

XSplit Support Page by Desk

The new support system by Desk allows you to get in touch with XSplit supporters faster, as a dedicated person gets assigned to you in helping you solve your issue, however we still allow community members to interact with your issue as well. Here are some other information that might be helpful in case you’re still having any doubts:

Q: How do I get support with this new support system in place?
A: Pretty much still the same. You go to our website, click the support navigation menu, and then you have two options. Product support is if you have any issues with our applications and basically setups a Q&A style thread within our support site. License support will direct you to a contact form for email based support on any issues you may have with your XSplit license. If you decide to log in on the support site, you can track your open support tickets/issues.

Q: What about the ever-so useful guides and tutorials written on the forum, will they be extinct soon?
A: Of course not! We have transferred the most useful guides to Desk and will continue to add content as time goes on. In case we run into any useful tips or guides submitted by our users, we will also share these as well.

Q: What will happen to my forum profile including all my old threads and posts?
A: The old forum will be archived until eventual deletion, so all forum profiles including threads and posts will likewise be deleted. If you have any outstanding issues in the forum, our support team will ensure your transition to Desk is as smooth as possible. You don’t need to worry about your issue getting lost in the process.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them through the comments section below.

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