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Streamers we like and why you should watch them

Chris SlightChris SlightApril 24, 20203 mins read

I’d imagine it wouldn’t surprise many people but the team here at XSplit watch a lot of streams! We wanted to take some time to highlight a few of the streamers we’re watching the most at the moment and why you should check them out! First up, it’s me, Chris Slight, in what will hopefully be the first of many lists like this from members of staff here at XSplit!

*Note from the author: Some of the clips below will have swearing or spooky games in them. So ya know, take that into account if you were going to play them on a giant screen in front of children!


I have been watching Pumpkinberry for about three years now (subbed for two of those years!) and from the first time I watched to this day it feels like listening to an old friend have a chat. PB (as her viewers know her) is very funny, honest, and open with her emotions, something that makes watching her play through a story-driven game a treat! Also through series like Gone and Nocturne, she is making amazing tabletop RPG stories that are live-streamed through various channels! There’s always time for a cup of tea, a chat, and some good games when Pumpkinberry is on!

Tune in at twitch.tv/pumpkinberry


(She went to NASA one time to stream a launch and here she is high-fiving an astronaut!)


Okaydrian is the best stage and TV presenter in the game’s world I’ve ever met. You might know him from GameStop TV, hosting stages for Twitch at E3, or interviewing pop culture titans like Stan Lee or CM Punk at C2E2! He’s hilarious, for starters, like honest laughter hilarious. You know how some people are funny but in that “yeah, I see there is a joke there” little “hah” kind of laugh? That’s not Okaydrian, he’s gut-busting kind of funny. He can also talk about serious subjects in an educated manner with principle and conviction while never closing the door to learning something new about himself or others. He also loves Shenmue so you know I’m gonna love every other game he’s playing!

Tune in at twitch.tv/okaydrian



If you don’t know Steve McNeil you might know Dara Ó Briain’s Go 8 Bit, a UK panel show based around comedians playing video games against each other! Steve was one of the team captains! (He was actually one of the people who came up with the entire idea but that’s a story for another blog, or the Comedians Comedian podcast he was on).

He’s great!

Steve not only plays games and is a lovely funny person his channel also hosts Wi-Fi Wars, the world’s only interactive game show (the tech of which was created by King Rob, someone being referenced when Steves chat type “AHKR” which stands for “All Hail King Rob!”) where you can play games on your smartphone against everyone else in chat. This tech is also used for the Video Game Game Show Show (imagine Go 8-Bit but on the internet), a Pub Quiz using the WiFi Wars tech, TableTop gaming online, and more!

Go watch Steve and grab the whole family for fun games and good times! Steve is also lovely, kind, and will insult you on a personal level for a redemption of stevebucks! Also, Steve has one of the best communities around. So, you’ll always find the chat welcoming, funny, and ready to have a good time!

Tune in at twitch.tv/SteveFromGo8Bit


Bonus clipped by me when he first started streaming


John Robertson is a comedian you might know from The Dark Room, a live interactive text adventure that he’s now successfully translated to Twitch (and streamed for 48 hours for charity!), he also runs his Arrgh Pee Gee! show on Twitch where the chat decides what happens. Beyond that though, John is, without doubt, unlike anyone you’ve seen streaming before. Energy radiates through your display of choice just watching him. You will be able to power a small home with the vibrations from your laughter. Chatter, game playing, songs on the ukulele by request, and hanging out with your Step Dad (really, check out his streams)! John is strongly in the NSFW category and all the better for it! Seriously, I wrote that little warning at the top mostly thinking “yep, I’m putting John in this list”.

Tune in at twitch.tv/robbotron


This list should hopefully introduce you to some brilliant new streamers and communities to get involved with! Be sure to let us know who you have been watching in the comments or on our socials. It would be great to get a reader list going as well! Until next time, friends. 

Chris Slight
Chris SlightChris is the Communications & Content Editor here at XSplit. You may find him voicing tutorials, on stage at events around the world, or right here on xsplit.com. Find him at chrisslight.netMore from this Author