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Nightly Rounds Recap of the XSplit Community

Melvin Dichoso
June 24, 20152 mins read

Ever since we started the nightly rounds, we have met some of the most talented and creative gamers in the community. We’ve decided to start highlighting some of these individuals and including them in a weekly post that showcases why these people are not only awesome gamers but part of the #XSplitFamily.

XSplit U.S. Community Manager GamrInsanity wanted to get this started to also help celebrate the recent launch of 60fps streaming available on YouTube.


First on the week’s list, we are showcasing a YouTube streamer that is taking full advantage of this feature by streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies on PC. This streamer has over 6000 subscribers and goes by the name FGBeatz. He offers his viewers a variety of content from games like GTA or Minecraft. He is a very interactive streamer and always tries to continue growing his audience by live streaming and creating VOD content for others to enjoy.

Connect with FGBeatz today! —> TwitterYouTubeInstagram


The next streamer we’ve found is a variety streamer over on Twitch known as Kittenthehut. She is part of the ORIGIN PC Stream team and thrives on using her imagination as well as creativity to create a one of a kind experience keeping you entertained. Erika loves playing games such as Counter Strike, Halo and Pokemon while still focusing her interests on the world of anime and cosplay. She gives back by doing charity streams and giveaways.

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Last but certainly not least is a combination of two streamers from two different networks. First on the list is a streamer known as Lates, a Hitbox variety streamer who loves playing on his Xbox One and PS4. You can always find him playing Halo or GTA online with friends or viewers. Lates is a growing streamer who is looking to showcase that he has a lot to offer by simply doing two things he loves, chatting and playing video games. Also he is part of our XSplit stream team over on hitbox.

Connect with Lates today! —> Hitbox


The last on the list is a man who loves Mortal Kombat so much many of his accounts are named after an iconic Mortal Kombat character. His name is skcorpion86 and is a fellow XSplit user who entertains his community by playing the latest games while also venturing back in time by playing classics such as God of War and Metal Gear Solid. He loves entertaining and just sharing gaming moments with others.

Connect with skcorpion86 today! —>Twitch

This is the first time we’ve decided to showcase members of the #XSplitFamily in this form. If we didn’t get to mention you after stopping by on your stream then don’t worry as this is just the first of many shout-outs to the #XSplitFamily. 🙂

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