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Meet our UK Twitch Stream Team Members

Melvin Dichoso
June 24, 20152 mins read

iComo esta! As community managers of XSplit we have created a team of streamers on both Twitch and Hitbox which we call XSplit stream teams. We have built up such a great variety of games being streamed from Pokemon to Grand Theft Auto 5 that proves there will always be something that everyone enjoys.

I’m Sllayt3r, and I’m the UK community manager of XSplit. I decided I’d like to introduce you to the members of the Twitch stream team that are from the UK.

Twitch stream team:


To start off we have LTZONDA. A Twitch partnered streamer who is well known for his high energy and interactive daily streams playing games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Fifa 15 and Call of Duty. Having been streaming for over a year now, he has amassed over 230K followers and is still growing.

Connect with LTZONDA through his Twitch and Twitter accounts


I have a lot of fun watching GiveMeANameX who streams almost everyday and like LTZonda is a big Grand Theft Auto 5 player, but also dabbles in Call of Duty and from time to time plays some RPG games. Known for his godlike beard, Rob is a UK streamer who hasn’t yet been streaming a year, but has already amassed over 13k followers.

Connect with GiveMeANameX through his Twitch and Twitter accounts.

CandyExplosives & PhaseMagazine

Next up we have two female streamers that I’m really happy to have on the Twitch stream team called CandyExplosives and PhaseMagazine. Both of them are variety streamers. Phase, with her epic red hair and no nonsense attitude mainly streams Call of Duty and isn’t half bad either, whereas Candy likes to stream horror games which when scared, her heart rate monitor go crazy along with a loud scream that deafens headphones users everywhere.

Connect with Phase’s Twitch and Twitter accounts

Connect with Candy’s Twitch and Twitter accounts


Meet Karl, or, Rodney as is his online persona. A streamer from UK that streams on the Shoddycast team Twitch channel. Rodney is a variety streamer in that he will stream a game that he is enjoying playing. He’s a big fan of Elder Scrolls games and Fallout games.

Connect with Shoddycast through his Twitch and Twitter accounts


Finally we have GeekByte. In his own words, he’s a mature (40yr old) general gamer who appreciates the old game systems like Atari VCS, C64, Amiga era. Overall he’s a fun variety streamer who puts a lot of hard work into every stream.

Connect with GeekByte through his Twitch and Twitter accounts

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