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Issues regarding Adobe Flash v. 11.9 – Updated!

Melvin Dichoso
February 24, 20162 mins read

Oct 11 9.59 pm UTC+8

Update: We have a fix!

A new version 1.3.1310.1103 RC of XSplit Broadcaster is available. This update resolves the previously listed issues with Title source and Image Slideshow source affecting users who have updated Flash player to v 11.9

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The XSplit team

Tech Advisory: Flash Player 11.9 may break Title sources, etc.

XSplit Broadcaster makes use of Adobe Flash Player to render extension sources such as Title source, Image Slideshow source and Whiteboard source. If Flash is not detected when installing XSplit, the XSplit installer installs Flash 10.3 on the computer, but if Flash is detected, XSplit makes use of whatever Flash is already in the users system.

Adobe just released version 11.9 of Flash player for Internet Explorer and this update breaks the full functionality of these extension components on Windows 7. We are still trying to find out why, so we can make a workaround in a coming update of XSplit Broadcaster 1.3 and later versions, but this is not going to help those good people out there who have already upgraded to 11.9.

If you are on Windows 7 and have allowed Flash to upgrade to 11.9 you are likely affected. As a solution to quickly help users we have made a Flash downgrader to downgrade Flash from 11.9 to 11.8 on Windows 7 machines.

How do I check if I have Flash 11.9

Launch Internet Explorer (NOT Chrome and NOT Firefox) and go to This site will show you the Flash player version you have installed.

How do I know for sure if I am affected?

Try to add a title to a scene in XSplit and make the text scrolling – if it works then you are not affected, but if the source is invisible then (well you know what that means). Demo.

How do I fix the problem?

Download our custom downgrader here: click to download

This downgrader will only work on Windows 7 and only if you have Flash 11.9 installed. Run the downgrader and follow the steps in the instructions screens.

Note: In the end you may be prompted if you will allow Flash to auto update – MAKE SURE TO NOT ALLOW FLASH TO AUTO UPDATE WITHOUT YOUR APPROVAL.

This issue is as far as we know is not present on Windows 8. We’re gathering as much data as we can, before filing a report with Adobe. We currently foresee this may affect many types of applications, not just XSplit.

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