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Introducing XSplit PTR (Public Test Release)

Melvin Dichoso
April 18, 20171 min read

We have created XSplit Broadcaster PTR in order to give daredevils access to new features and functions faster. We have many users who have expressed interest in getting access to a preview of upcoming software versions, but until now that has not been possible without overwriting the installed official stable software version.

XSplit Broadcaster Public Test Release

XSplit Broadcaster PTR uses a different installer than the official stable builds of XSplit Broadcaster in order to allow:

  • Side by side installation: installing/uninstalling XSplit Broadcaster PTR doesn’t change any files of the official XSplit Broadcaster installation
  • Different update versions: more frequent updates containing the latest features will be pushed to the XSplit Broadcaster PTR track, while XSplit Broadcaster application only stable updates

Aside from component isolation between XSplit Broadcaster PTR and XSplit Broadcaster application, plugins (broadcast, source, and extensions) are also isolated.

Presentation, broadcast channel settings, user settings continue to be shared between the stable installation and PTR. We will consider to make a complete isolation based on user feedback, but currently we feel it is important that users can quickly jump between the stable release installation and PTR.

If you have installed XSplit Broadcaster using the PTR installer, you will be forced to install new updates released on the PTR track, but you can still maintain an installation of the stable official XSplit Broadcaster release side by side (much how Chrome and Chrome Canary work).

Click here to visit the release website for XSplit Broadcaster PTR.

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