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Introducing Kevin Kim, our Newest Community Manager

Melvin DichosoMelvin DichosoFebruary 29, 20162 mins read

We started our quest in having increased efforts engaging with our community regardless of their location when we hired our very first community managers last April. Doing it has allowed us to expand our effort in building our community but more importantly keep up with people who need our assistance or have questions and inquiries about our products especially during the times where we are not available.

It has gone extremely well so we said why not get more community managers? It’s easier said than done obviously, but today we are happy to introduce you to Kevin Kim, our newest community manager.

Kevin Kim aka Burnout Fighter

Kevin Kim aka Burnout Fighter

Kevin Kim is a long time member of the Australian fighting game community and he’s also been using XSplit for quite a while now. He is mainly involved with in-house streaming production for various events but he’s also someone who has experience with translation, translating Korean gamers (Kevin is a Korean btw), and providing customer support as well.

As we are always looking to expand our market, we figured having Kevin along with his set of skills and experience is going to be extremely handy for us not only with him helping us doing engage with the community through our social media but also with Korean localization for our products and documentations.

OK time to know more about Kevin. 🙂

Describe yourself and your experiences prior to joining the XSplit team

Kevin: I was in the administrative department for an Australian Fighting Game tournament organization called Shadowloo Showdown. I mainly helped out with the in-house and stream production as well as being a translator for many Korean guest players such as Poongko, M.Lizard, Saint and JDCR.

How do you feel about becoming a part of the XSplit Team?

Kevin: I feel very honored as I always have used XSplit software since its day 1. I’m very excited to be able to now hear the feedback from Korean XSplit users and also provide helpful support to them as well.

What do you think is the most interesting part about the video production and streaming community?

Kevin: I think it portrays the person’s personality and creativity into one. You can see how much effort the person has put into production, which usually is a one man task. Whether the material is entertaining or educational, you can see their true passion through the lenses of their camera. The communication of media sends a very strong message to the viewers and I’m glad the XSplit is a big part of this world uniting task.

What do you think can you bring to the table for XSplit as a community manager?

Kevin: I hope to provide the support required from either the content creators themselves or the online platform service providers. Mainly in Korea, which the online broadcasting and promotion community is very advanced in comparison to other regions. From this, I can learn and provide at the same time and put this into results which can also perhaps be helpful to my locals here in Australia and also become a support for other overseas events.

Here are some event videos Kevin Kim was involved in as part of the Shadowloo Showdown production. He specifically mentioned ‘BossLogic’ as the person who mainly worked on the videos below and is also behind all the graphics for their stream production. Enjoy the videos!

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