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Intel RealSense with XSplit

Melvin Dichoso
March 1, 20161 min read

System Requirements:

  1. Operating System 
    F200: Windows 8.1 or later (64-bit)
    SR300: Windows 10 or later (64-bit)
  2. Intel RealSense SDK – XSplit 3.x uses 2016 R3 RSSDK. Essentials and User Background Segmentation individual components must be installed.
  3. Intel RealSense camera DCM – Download the latest camera driver.

What to do when Intel RealSense background removal option is still not working even after installing the SDK and DCM?

  1. Make sure that the camera driver or DCM is installed – Different Intel RealSense SDK versions should be compatible with different camera DCM’s, so it is recommended to always install the latest DCM. (We are going to follow up with Intel to check for any possible incompatibilities between SDK versions and DCM versions)
  2. Restart the camera DCM service – This may be necessary after RealSense SDK installation or DCM update. Run services.msc and look for Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager or Intel RealSense SR300 Depth Camera Manager and restart the service. It is also recommended to restart the XSplit application if it was running while executing the steps above.

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