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How to Stream with Elgato Stream Deck

Melvin Dichoso
March 21, 20182 mins read

Elgato released Stream Deck just recently (2017) but it didn’t take long before it gained popularity for content creators. While not a must-have, It has become an integral tool for people who want to be able to do more with their stream. This post is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Elgato Stream Deck with XSplit Broadcaster.

How to stream using Elgato Stream Deck

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of both XSplit and the Stream Deck software from Elgato.

XSplit Broadcaster and Elgato Stream Deck software

Once you have both installed and have XSplit opened, you will have an extension called the “Elgato Stream Deck” which will allow XSplit to interface with the hardware. Open the Elgato software as this is where you will set things up for controlling various elements of your stream in XSplit Broadcaster.

Elgato Stream Deck

The procedure is very similar with every function that you want to set up. It mostly involves assigning the function to a button, labeling and adding a thumbnail to each, and then setting up the specific options for each functions. Here’s how to set them up.

Scene switching

This is a pretty handy option if you want to do scene switching via your Stream Deck.  To start, drag the scene function to a button in your Stream Deck. In the bottom menu, you can name it and select which scene it goes to when pressed.

Toggling sources

If you want to enable or disable your scene sources, then this is the option for that. Drag the source function to the layout then at the bottom, select the source that you want to toggle. There is a ‘toggle linked sources’ option too for sources that are linked between scenes. This allows you to toggle sources regardless if the scene is active or not.


This option allows you set up recording and streaming on your Stream Deck. The procedures are pretty much the same and the only difference is with Outputs where you will select where you want to output your stream if you have more than 1 channel to output it to.


You can also assign a function to your Stream Deck that can toggle microphone or speaker audio and they work pretty much the same. For microphones, there is an added option for push to talk should you wish to set it up like that.

Hope this guide helps you with setting up Elgato Stream Deck with XSplit Broadcaster. If you’re already using it, we’d love to know how you’re utilizing it. Share it in the comments section below.

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