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Get Featured as Our Spotlight User of the Week

Melvin Dichoso
October 7, 20161 min read

We have a great, fun, and new opportunity for you! As you may or may not know, we have a Weekly show on called XSplit Weekly which is shown every Wednesday, where we talk about the latest in XSplit news, events, and what happenings are going on, on the Twitch front. Each episode we showcase streamers from our stream team and Elite members.

Here is an example:

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For the first time we are now opening up this opportunity to the public. We will be featuring videos from the #XSplitFamily community! The rules for this are: the video has to be 1-2 minutes long, highlighting yourself, your stream, and some of your favorite features on XSplit. Each week a new person will be chosen, so there are a lot of opportunities to be picked! If you are chosen, you will be featured in our social media channels for the week and there also may be future opportunities with your video   Please fill out this form if you’re interested –…

When submitting video, you are agreeing that you are okay with video to be used for social and marketing purposes. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Twitter at @ugrgaming.

Melvin Dichoso

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