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Finding A Career In Live Streaming

Luis VigilLuis VigilAugust 31, 20222 mins read

Despite having been in the streaming industry for over ten years, only a very small portion of my career has been as a traditional streamer. You can develop a lot of skills through the hustle of trying to climb the ladder as a streamer. Here, I wanted to discuss, can you get a career in live streaming using the skills you’re developing?

Your Career in Live Streaming as a Technical Director

By learning how to produce your live streams, you are also learning how to produce other live streams. If you enjoy the technical aspects of setting up a live stream, creating scenes, and adding audio sources but feel solo streaming limits your production creativity, then perhaps you should consider being a technical or stream director.

The technical director is responsible for making sure the stream works. They set up all the equipment and are directly accountable for switching scenes during the broadcast. Many technical directors operate hardware switchers like Tricasters, so someone who specializes in software-based switching brings quite a unique skill set. Just be sure you’re familiar with the ins and outs of working with splitview in XSplit Broadcaster.

Someone taking part in an esports event playing Overwatch in a large arena which you could run as part of a live streaming career
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Stream Manager

If you’ve spent years looking for sponsorships or worked with brands, you have developed valuable skills in managing streamers or, in other words, how to be an influencer manager. So, either helping out a fellow streamer or working with a company that engages streamers, influencer management is a whole industry.

Knowing what does and doesn’t work with streamers and how to utilize a streamer’s talents is extremely valuable info for brands looking to get into the streaming space. I usually see these pop up in various ways, one as a streamer manager, basically working with just one streamer. Or starting a streamer agency where you represent a bunch of streamers, or just working as a dedicated influencer manager at a company.

This is a relatively new industry, so you will need to get out there and network to find these opportunities.

Your Career in a Streaming Compan

As the streaming industry grows, today’s users are tomorrow’s developers or product managers. If you ever wished there was a microphone with particular features or just thought a web tool you found was really cool and wanted more people to try it, then reach out to that company and see if you can join.

That’s how I got started here at XSplit. I took a look at their site and applied for a position in the support department. You may have to start on the ground floor, but it’s just the start of making an impact on the streaming industry as a whole. Regardless of your career path in streaming, you can always still stream! Streaming should always be fun and enjoyable, no matter if it’s a career or a hobby.

Luis Vigil
Luis VigilLouis Vigil has been working on live stream productions for a variety of gaming events for over 10 years! When not broadcasting an event somewhere in the world, Louis also produces educational content for people looking to get into broadcasting on his Offcast YouTube channel.More from this Author