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DX12 Capture Support is Now Available

Henrik Levring
October 27, 20161 min read

More and more games are coming out with DX12 support and the XSplit community has been making it clear that we need it in XSplit as soon as possible. Well, we’re happy to announce that we now have support for DX12 capture in XSplit 2.9 beta – if you’re a daredevil and you love testing bleeding edge streaming features then give us a hand by trying it out and reporting any issues you come across.

Popular DX12 games such as Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, to name a few, can currently only be captured through screen capture if running in DX12 mode. With DX12 game capture support, you will now be able to capture these games with  XSplit.

Download and try out XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster 2.9 beta with DX12 support through the links below

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this release and if you find any bugs or come across any other issues you can comment below or create a support ticket at Enjoy, and let us know if Vulkan support should be next!

DISCLAIMER: This is a beta version of XSplit 2.9 and not recommended for production. This product contains several new features, improvement and fixes, but has not yet been fully quality tested, so please don’t shout at us if it’s not perfect ;-).

Henrik Levring

Henrik Levring is the Chief Executive Officer of SplitmediaLabs.More from this Author