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Certificate Errors When Authenticating

Melvin Dichoso
January 26, 20161 min read

We have compiled a list of various programs that can actively prevent the secure communication between XSplit and the XSplit server or 3rd party service like Twitch, YouTube etc. In most cases these programs are malware or spyware, and we recommend you investigate if they are installed on purpose and if you ;want them to be installed. The general consequences of not being able to communicate securely on the internet can be dire and goes beyond the usage of XSplit. Any secure online service such as home banking and online shopping that uses certificates to verify identity and encrypt traffic will likely be affected too.

List of known programs that causes certificate errors:

Last updated: May 23, 2014 (will be updated regularly)

ProgramDescriptionRecommended action
FiddlerA network debug util, harmless but interferes with https (TCP/443)Disable/Turn off while using XSplit
HTTP Debugger ProA network debug util, harmless but can interfere with https (TCP/443)Disable/Turn off while using XSplitProgram
WajamPotentially unwanted programUninstall
BrowserSafeguard.exePotentially unwanted programUninstall

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