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This is the time of year when we all feel grateful for something or someone, and to us here at XSplit, that someone is you guys! So here’s a small thank you for being a part of our wonderful community. Open your present here:

You can click the image above or enter “XSplitXmas17” on checkout to avail the discount. This offer starts at the time of this writing until December 31 2017. No better time than the holidays to treat yourself. As always, this offer is available to anyone, so share the joy of Christmas and tell your friends.

XSplit Holiday Streamfest

Some of our friends in the XSplit Family feel extra Christmassy and want to spread the joy of the Holiday season with you! If you don’t fancy venturing into the winter cold outside, come and chill with them on their stream, something tells us they’re in a gifting mood. Here’s the list:

12/12 2AM PST – LtZonda 
12/13 2AM PST – Tidy
12/13 3PM PST – XSplit Weekly
12/13 6PM PST – TeamSpooky
12/13 6PM PST – Highgai
12/14 4AM PST – JoshBaked
12/14 12PM PST – SuperMCGamer
12/21 12PM PST – KamikazeKitten
12/21 TBD – RikuPH
12/21 3PM PST – Bifuteki
12/22 5PM PST – BowskiJ
12/23 5AM PST – ApexWinter 

But, most importantly, remember to enjoy the holidays with close ones!

Melvin Dichoso

Melvin Dichoso

Social Media Manager and main blog writer of XSplit. He can be found @melvinblog but his tweets are anything but interesting.

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